Civil Process Service

Civil Process papers are served by our deputies to individuals or businesses within Missaukee County.  After the papers are served, a bill will be sent to the address given for the plaintiff or attorney.  Please make sure all of the paperwork is included along with the return of service for the officer to complete.  

Paperwork may be mailed to:

Missaukee County Sheriff's Office
Attn:  Civil Process
PO Box 800
Lake City, MI 49651

It may also be dropped off at the office or faxed to (231) 839-4344.  

The cost for serving most civil process papers is $26.00 plus mileage.  Mileage is $0.94/mile calculated round trip from the court of origin.   Any paperwork unable to be served after at least 3 valid attempts will be returned with a bill for $10.00 for the attempt of service plus mileage (calculated only once), along with an Affidavit of Service Attempts which may be taken to the court for alternate service.  These fees are set by the state