Wilbur "Wil" Yancer, Sheriff
Aaron Kearns, Undersheriff
Jesse Harwood, Lieutenant, Corrections
Julie Stahl, 911 Coordinator
Julie Cebulski, Administrative Officer
Carmen Kitson, Records Supervisor


Since 1869, when the first sheriff took office in Missaukee County, three of the most important responsibilities accompanying this office remain unchanged. These are the enforcement of the law, the maintenance of a jail, and the administration of an Emergency Medical Service. Under the leadership of past Missaukee County Sheriff James D. Bosscher, the Sheriff's Office has grown to become a multi-faceted, modern police agency.  Sheriff Wil Yancer looks to continue our forward progress in the future.  Dedicated to meeting the responsibilities of the office, Sheriff Yancer and his staff continue to be devoted to the concepts of protection for and service to the public.

Administration Hours:  Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.