Register of Deeds

Jessica Nielsen Ext 204


Adri Fowler Ext 203
Lisa Ruell Ext 201

Register of Deeds
111 South Canal, PO Box 800
Lake City, MI 49651

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30AM - 5:00PM

(231) 839-4967 Ext 203 Phone
(231) 839-3684 Fax

Department Facts:

  • Real estate records available from 1871 to Present
  • Documents are computerized from 1989 to Present
  • Vault is available from 9-5 with five terminals for Researchers
  • Recording fees are $30.00 for each document
  • In addition to per page requirement each additional document reference after the first is $3.00 each. i.e. Oil and Gas Assignments or Mortgage Discharges referencing more than one prior recorded document.  
  • Documents with warrant clause requires an additional $5.00 for tax certification. 
  • Our office does not accept E-recording. 
Department Functions:

  • Record deeds, mortgages, liens, surveys, plats, land contracts, condominiums, financing statement, judgments and other miscellaneous real estate documents
  • Collect Real Estate Transfer Tax for the State of Michigan and County of Missaukee
  • Sit as Chairman of the Missaukee County Plat Board
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